Progress: Part 3


I’ve done shed loads since my last update, which is partly why I haven’t been updating this blog as often as I would have liked. I feel I should apologise for the tardiness of this post – being after the fact – but the last quarter of last year was manic.

As I mentioned in my earlier blog post, Unforeseen Delays, I sailed headlong into the doldrums with my first attempt to get my books edited; I was blown so far off course it took me ages to get heading in the right direction again. Serendipitously, I had the help of another friend, who managed to sort out my novels in a matter of weeks, and thus gave me a chance to get the first book on sale before Christmas. I didn’t realise how time consuming this process would be, and I’ll go into the details of how I actually published my first book in a later post – again, sorry for the delay. Also, at the time I was working on the first draft of the third book, which I had to put on the shelf in favour of the publishing project.

After quite a bit of work, wringing of hands, brow mopping and a lot of fiddling, I finally had my book on sale on Amazon:
Guardian Demon

What a strange moment that was, after all the hard work it felt almost anticlimactic pressing the publish button, and it didn’t really sink in until I had held a hard copy of it in my hand. I was bursting to tell all my friends and family, but held off until I was happy with it. The paperback looked and felt gorgeous and was a sublime thrill to hold, but I was glad I’d held off with the big reveal because I did notice some formatting errors – particularly with the Kindle version – and a few spelling errors that I had to correct. I made the changes, uploaded the file again, and then I was then ready to go public.

That was a rush; it suddenly felt as if I were an author instead of just a writer. For some odd reason, I felt as though I could now hold my head up when I told anyone that I was a writer, instead of feeling as though they pitied me when I told them. I could actually wave a hard copy in their faces. Even though I was self published, I felt such a swell of vindication, it was marvellous. However, this was nothing compared to when people started complimenting me on the quality of the book. I know some of them were close friends and family, but still, it was a fantastic feeling.

So, right now, I am a self-published author with one novel on sale, a fully charged confidence battery, and a second book to publish very soon…


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