About my Blog

What the Blog?

Well, here I am, about to begin blogging about interesting things and self-publishing writer stuff.

“So what?” I hear you say.

Which is a superb question.

I know it’s a question my reader will ask. It’s the ever-present risk to a writer, the literary sucker punch if I drop my guard. If I don’t provide my reader with an answer to this question then they are likely to stop reading and that is something I want to avoid more than celery.

So, it’s a question I try to keep in mind with every sentence I write because if I want to keep my reader I have to be ready with an answer.

So what’s so interesting about my blog? So what sets it apart from all the others? So what makes me think I’ve got something interesting to say? So what? So what?

Well, obviously I can’t try to please everyone, that would be a shortcut to a padded cell and crayons, but I have to try and please somebody. I’m not just doing this for my own vanity, I have a subtle but persuasive itch to entertain and to share.

So what’s interesting about my blog and what will set it apart from all the others? Well, it’s a bit like me turning my head inside out, you won’t get that anywhere else.

Why do I think a reader might be interested? Well as a writer that is a conceit I must allow myself don’t you think? I have to believe that someone will find what I write either entertaining or interesting or else why am I bothering? But it’s entirely up to me to make sure that once I have my reader’s attention I keep it.

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